Smart Repairs is a Smartphone and Tablet Repair lab which was established in order to meet the growing need for  Smartphone and Tablet repairs.  We combine twenty-five years'  experience in the field of electronic repairs with up to date knowledge in this field . At Smart Repairs we understand that knowledge and experience are vital to creating satisfied customers.


We are proud to offer a professional, reliable and honest service. Transparency is key to creating this. To this end, Smart Repairs takes the time to explain exactly what the repair entails, in a clear and concise manner, enabling no hidden extra costs.

              We value your time

At Smart Repairs, we are able to do iPhone battery replacements, charging port replacements and screen replacements while you wait. Repairs on other devices and more complex repairs may take longer.

              A personal touch

Smart Repairs prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. We take the time to really understand the problems that our customers experience with their devices, and are careful to explain the steps necessary for a successful repair. 

We look forward to being of assistance to you.